Sales Market Validation

on the international markets

Verify your business hypotheses and sales ideas in a smarter, cost-effective way. 

Use our proactive outbound approach and present a product/service to its exact target market in just a couple of weeks.The main goal of this process is to learn from real sales meetings with hot leads.
Our process enables clients to test up to 5-6 hypotheses at a time, simultaneously generating sales leads as a side effect. 

During the 10-week programme, you will talk to 25-40 potential clients qualified as hot leads from all over the world and check out if your claims are accurate and catchy.

Sales Market Validation on the international markets can be used in numerous situations:

Preparing MVP for potential investors and VC
Preparing precise business plan for the coming year
Building reliable sales funnel for the investor/founder
Verifying business solutions/services in many directions swiftly
Exploring new international markets
Introducing a new/old offer to the old/new target group
Changes in portfolio and looking for the “blue ocean”
Looking for new partners/investors
Validating markets for new products and services

At the heart of our solution lies a creative and multi-level outbound process. It allows us to select decision-makers you want to reach, and contact them on a mass scale, rapidly and effectively.

Simultaneously, we create a second circuit: every single prospect we reach is nurtured until they become our leads. The whole process is done manually. We do not use any bots nor automation tools.

The process consists of three key elements:

Sales & outbound communication strategy Outbound outreach & prospecting Final analysis & insight

Our process of creating sales and outbound communication strategy includes:

1. Brand & sales story workshop (4-5 hours)
This is a proactive workshop moderated by Nessie experts. During this workshop our goal is to establish a specific sales concept based on the product/service. We explore matters like: sales golden circle, USP/ RTB, delivering process, challenges and problems which might be solved by the product/service, buyer personas in detail, low hanging fruits/blue ocean/dream customers, sales goals, KPI, pricing policy, etc. After the first workshop, we require a couple of days to return with ideas and an action plan.

2. Market Segmentation and communication strategy workshop (3 hours)
Based on the first workshop, we establish our market segmentation and communication/storytelling strategy. Frequently, we prepare the market structure for 3-4 different buyer personas divided into regions/culture fit and many other different criteria. For every buyer persona, we also create 2-3 storytellings/narrations, which refers to the insight into the product or service we seek to validate.

This approach enables us to be ready with 6-7 completely different communication hypotheses divided into our buyer personas. Having completed this exercise, we are virtually ready to go to the market. The remaining elements we need are sequences of campaigns.

3. Sales narrations (communication sequence)
Based on previous workshops, we are ready to write converting campaigns. Our sequences of communication are dedicated to specific merit topics and designed to validate product/services pretty quickly. We focus on the insights, as well as on converting good potential leads into intro sales calls.

During the whole process, we remain in constant contact with the client.

Let's talk: 

Our outbound campaigns specification:

We work via client’s domain and LinkedIn accounts
We work on client’s CRM (we recommend Pipedrive). We don’t use any bots or automation
We focus on quality rather than quantity
We want to schedule good quality validation calls
We focus on the client’s target and market segmentation - If something seems not to work, we react rapidly

We can ideate and test simultaneously
We measure and analyze data to stay in control of the process

In the end, we aim to provide our clients 25-40 warm calls in 10 weeks, yet we build a reliable sales funnel for further development during the validation process.

What really helps us achieve predictable success in validation is prospecting.

How do we nurture your leads?
We collect a lot of data on the prospects. This helps us manage the database and send out customized communication.
We follow a well-defined, multi-step process that places importance on maintaining adequate contact frequency.
We monitor and analyze progress in real time.
We plan a few weeks in advance, which helps us ensure we have the right number of prospects at any given time.

The main goal of the sales market validation is, of course, to check out the business hypothesis and sales potential. In Nessie, we are sure that it would not be possible without our advanced BI tool and insights (Microsoft Power BI).

Since sales is a process, the conclusions should be clarified, based on the collected and analysed data. We measure everything we can in Nessie. Commencing from the quantity of campaigns, conversions on every stage, through the quality of the sales meetings and results. We perfectly know which campaigns (hypotheses) went well and which did not. Having the overview during these 10 weeks of cooperation, we are empowered enough to prepare the final insight.

What does the final insight include?
A business overview about the service/product we validated
Short summary of our campaigns and hunches we tried
Short summary of the sales calls with hot leads (quality and quantity)
Short summary about the sales process and sales skills on client’s side
Summary from the Microsoft Power BI tool
Further recommendation regarding sales funnel and campaigns
Final scoring of the service/product sales validation