What should be changed if you want your marketing to impact sales and generate more Marketing Qualified Leads?

Lead Marketing and sales are tightly connected. Effective lead marketing in the first place means B2B Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) generation.

High-quality prospects, with whom the salesforce can work onwards, is a crucial aim of marketing actions. It encloses you to building a predictable sales funnel and maintaining consistency between sales and marketing processes.

Nessie supports its partners in this area. We perform systematic actions helping you to reach the precisely selected buying personas with exceptional purchasing potential. It takes us from 6 to 18 months.


Exclusive online workshops for enterprise leads/accounts


Marketing prospecting, advertising & social media


Sales landing page for specific buying personas

How does Lead Marketing work?

Lead Marketing is a unique and quasi-mass activity system that aims for B2B Marketing Qualified Leads acquisition.

Lead Marketing focuses on the effects of reaching the best buying personas on the market.

Lead Marketing always serves the sales and supports the setup of a predictable sales funnel.

What exactly do we do?

1. Exclusive online workshops for enterprise leads

+ We define the “dream companies” and reach them directly

+ Within each entity, we stay in touch with numerous decisive people from various departments

+ We prepare case studies-based workshops exclusively for each company

+ We invite adequate decision-makers from branches all around the world

+ As a result, you can meet 6-15 people from various departments during the meeting

+ We score the attendants, heat the new leads, follow them up, convert into 1on1 calls – we maintain the prospecting contact all the time

+ We repeat the workshop cycle every 3-5 weeks – in the meantime, we work on the constantly expanding database

2. Marketing prospecting, advertising & social media

+ We create and develop the database that includes valuable leads with the assessed score – according to their purchasing potential

+ We stay in touch with all the leads by taking individual quasi-mass actions (advertising/retargeting)

+ We manage social media profiles according to the lead generation calendar

+ We create content that converts leads into MQL

+ We also design and optimize Facebook and LinkedIn ads


3. Sales landing pages

We create converting landing pages to improve B2B sales

Clear communication based on a problem-solution scheme is the key to success!

Modern design and sales content is the heart!

The website can be simple and, at the same time, light and modern. Sales content means little information but includes the essence.

Website must foster the sales

Sounds obvious, but usually, sites serve only as a business card – while it should be compatible with the lead generation strategy.

Sales storytelling

The content should clearly show why we stand out. It’s not about the empty marketing phrases but the real value.

Insight workshops

During the landing page development, we suggest the best communication strategy based on the partner’s insights and seek new fields to explore on the business map.
Lead marketing in a nutshell

Precise actions towards specific personas to generate valuable B2B leads

Let’s establish your Lead Marketing together!