Lead generation on LinkedIn - dedicated online workshops for your team
4 online team meetings

Pure sales process
on LinkedIn platform.

No secrets, no ads.

During several hours of joint work, we teach you how to generate sales - even with limited resources. Nessie excels at generating leads via outbound channels - one of them being LinkedIn, of course. However, as LinkedIn was designed as an HR tool, effective lead generation on LinkedIn is not that easy. Although potential leads are within your reach, the challenges remain: campaign planning and process mailings, tagging potential leads, removing people from the mailing list, effective prospecting, follow-ups, creating proper lead lists, converting to sales meetings, order within the process and data transfer to CRM.

scope of work

  • Designing and setting up a lead generation process on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn sales communication strategy and building segmentation for your lead generation process.
  • Prospecting, i.e. the second and third lead cycle in practice
  • Executing multiple sales campaigns simultaneously on several LinkedIn accounts
  • Measuring and analysing activities on LinkedIn, conversion of lead generation Any questions?


  • Up to 5 Web Pages
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Baseline Ranking Report
  • Initial Backlink Analysis
  • 10 Keyword Optimization


  • Up to 5 Web Pages
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Baseline Ranking Report
  • Initial Backlink Analysis
  • 10 Keyword Optimization
Explore our work process

How to launch your effective sales process on LinkedIn within
4 weeks?

1. Kick-off

We ask and listen, you spill the beans, and we draw conclusions. At the kick-off, we want to understand your business goals and the specifics of your sales process so that we can lay the foundations properly.

2. Market segmentation

Before we get down to operational work, we need to have a good concept, i.e. a story that we will tell in order to generate leads.

3. The process unraveled

At Nessie, we are 100% process-oriented. During the workshop, participants will learn and implement our entire lead generation process.

4. Market outreach

Already during and in between workshops, your team will test parts of the process on a living organism. This way they will learn the process faster.

5. Prospecting

We will show you the prospecting process on LinkedIn. We will prove the power of follow-ups and give many tips on how to approach them in an effective way.

6. Hot leads

Converting leads into sales meetings is an important part of the process. We will show you how to qualify leads and how to work on them at every stage.

7. Measurement and analysis

We will show you how to measure your Linkedin work, how to collect data, how to organise it and how to draw conclusions in the context of further decisions.

8. Wrapping up

At the end of the workshop, participants will have tested the whole process and released campaigns. On the basis of these experiences, we will evaluate the effectiveness.

Four online 3-hour workshops for your team - once a week.
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