You found Nessie!
Free fruit Thursdays, gym access, employee of the month contest, assessment matrix... that's not US!

Nessie is and always will be a small, boutique company, focused on the highest quality of work. We don’t need any fake motivational tricks – we were born hungry for success.   

What can you place your bets on?

An opportunity to work with the best ones on the market. A lot of tasks, a lot of learning, changes and challenges. Implementation of the most process-based lead generation on the market. The eagerness to solve extraordinary problems. Support. A dynamic environment… and we really mean dynamic, not as the corporate-world kind. We also count on honest and quick feedback – both on the giving and receiving end. On growing, but if that’s not your thing— no worries, it’s not mandatory.

Moreover, a cozy office that makes you feel at home. Diversity – people come first, then comes work. If you’re #teamnessie we will look for a perfect space for you, until we find it, so you feel good.

That’s why we don’t recruit for specific positions. First comes the human, then the position. People before work. 

We’re open to diversity, we care about the people and the environment.

What’s not an option?

Employment contracts, cushy jobs for those who like to stay in the shadows and do as little as possible, an elevator.

Are you #teamnessie?

You’ll love being on board if:

You’re hard-working,
You’re a multi-tasking sensei, 
You value honesty and openness,
You’re a quick learner,
Your mistakes are an opportunity to grow, not a personal failure,
You’re into tech innovations, 
Your work is systematical and well planned,
Your English skills are impressive (on writing in particular),
You’re okay with coming to our office in Warsaw once or twice a week.

Additional kudos for social media skills, sales process awareness, business tools and being up-to-date with the tech industry. 

What’s the process of joining Nessie like?

  1. Hit us up, leave some background info on your experience.
  2. We will arrange an interview. For reasons beyond our control, unfortunately, we will get back only to selected candidates.
  3. If we click, we will invite you for a one-week paid trial period.
  4. During this week, you’ll learn how Nessie works, and you’ll blend into the team.
  5. If after this week there is a mutual desire to stay together – hop on board!

Hello, is it you we're looking for? Let's talk!