Whatever you do, whoever you are, you always work in sales

What determines a start-up’s success is, apart from the unique vision and delivery pace – SALES. Without a proper business model and effective, process-based sales, most start-ups will fail.

Hardly ever young entrepreneurs or founders know how to take care of sales and equip their start-ups with a predictable funnel of prospective leads. What’s more, only a few of them can wisely outsource this business segment.

An antidote for this is our UNICORN FARM – the first complex support in building start-ups’ sales.







Who do we work with?

+ Business Angels hungry for validating start-ups’ business ideas

+ Founders who want to ensure start-ups’ sales success

+ Funds that seek system support for their organizations

How do we solve start-up business problems?

+ We check if a business idea will live up to the expectations of international markets

+ Quickly and effectively, we validate a few business assumptions simultaneously to find out which lead generation model suits best

+ We design and implement the sales process

+ We outsource sales teams that represent start-ups’ sales

+ We hire prospective people and share with them our know-how

+ We can quickly measure solution’s business prospects by market verification and gathering feedback


+ stable process of lead generation for a specific service or product

+ predictable, validated sales funnel in 3-4 months

+ process-based CRM and reliable forecasts for consecutive months

+ 10 appointments with potential leads monthly

+ sharing the sales know-how or a remote sales team for a year


How do we perform sales in IT start-ups?

Precise target group analysis and segmentation with setting the sales process

We look for "low hanging fruits", "blue oceans", and "dream companies" type of businesses as well as for the most effective sales process

A designated team that verifies hypotheses relying on the process and know-how

We launch quality and precise outbound aimed directly at our target groups

Verification of leads that we can acquire in 3-4 months

We schedule approximately 10-12 appointments monthly - based on the feedback, we iterate the approach

Recommendation for process improvements

We want to shorten the sales path and, at the same time, constantly improve the sales process

Stable and predictable sales funnel in Pipedrive

Constant prospecting, follow-ups and contact with leads to convert them to sales as soon as possible

Insight workshops

Expanding our knowledge of our customer's unique assets and USP, finding an individual way to sell

What can you expect after 4 months of cooperation?

1 +

calls with specific leads

1 +

hot prospects ready for a call in the next 3 months

1 +

validated hypotheses and executed accounts

1 +

valuable CRM records for further work


+ Setting the viable sales process
Based on Nessie’s experience and know-how, we can quickly set and launch an effective lead generation process that closes start-up’s deals.

+ Creating a stable sales funnel
A predictable sales funnel leads to reliable forecasting and helps monitor the company’s development. Sales processes set and executed by Nessie allow for making necessary changes quickly and make it possible to precisely predict the number of closed deals at a certain time.