Nessie business manifesto

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Our key values

Sales is a process like any other. It needs to be managed and measured so that you can make the best decisions.

to dedicated lead generation & marketing team for companies,
to warming up and prospecting leads day to day
to qualitative-quantitative basis of our actions,
to a constant improvement of the process and communication,
 to rapidly verifying business hypotheses,
to simultaneously coming up with new ideas and testing them,
to providing our clients with hot calls and scheduling meetings – 
but only as a means to a goal, not a goal in itself!

NO scheduling random calls,
NO ads-based process,
NO hacking nor automized solutions,
NO cost per lead nor „success fee”,
NO mass mailings to ready-bought databases,
NO tutoring immature startups,
NO complex strategies planning on paper.


Communication and unique storytelling


Process and methodology


Experience in IT sales

The core of our actions

Building a predictable and prospecting sales funnel with rapid verification of business hypotheses


Target groups

We deeply explore your target markets and suggest new ones


From the general to specific – we schedule our actions to the very day

Everyday work

We do large-scale work in precisely segmented groups


We distinguish hot leads from leads requiring some heating up

Analysis in Power BI

We evaluate our current actions on both quantitative and qualitative basis in order to continually improve our market reach

Sales communication strategy

We begin with a deep understanding of who you are and how to approach your needs

Action planning

We craft our plans from a birds-view in order to remain in control of the bigger picture


We use LinkedIn and mailing to precisely reach our target groups

Process management

We manage everything that makes up a solid process: returns, leads, GDPR, database

Prospecting - heating up

We create unique paths of follow ups, webinars and content recycling in order to turn our prospects into hot leads


We constantly monitor and improve the quality, hence regular retrospective meetings with clients are a vital part of the process
Numbers and facts

How do we respond to
client challenges?

We focus on increasing the predictability, conversion and absolute numbers in after-sales activities we conduct

1 % +

More prospects in
the funnel

1 +

New prospects weekly

1 +

Hot prospects after webinars

1 +

Prospecting campaigns for the client

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