Lead Management Nessie


Lead Management as a Service

Elevate your sales team’s performance by boosting the quantity and quality of leads through our proven lead management approach. We specialize in equipping your team with the necessary skills and seamlessly implementing our process.

Optimizing processes to create and manage predictable sales funnels.

Empower your sales team with a steady stream of high-quality meetings.

Reduce sales acquisition costs by efficiently reusing your existing lead base.

Key elements of Nessie's lead management strategy

Nessie lead management is a comprehensive process that involves:

  1. Generating business meetings of a high quality and caliber.
  2. Controlling crucial characteristics of the people we meet, such as company size, position, and years of experience.
  3. Managing the number of meetings within a month.
  4. Adapting our approach to the quantity and quality of meetings, with changes made within 2-3 weeks.
  5. Understanding how to handle meetings that do not go as expected.
Are sales currently a priority for you?

At our core:

  • We exclusively engage with individuals who meet specific criteria through personalized messages. 
  • We steer clear of ads, LinkedIn posts, and e-books. 
  • Diversification is our strength – we operate across multiple fronts simultaneously.
  • You drive the strategic decisions, and we provide tailored suggestions and recommendations to align with your long-term goals.
  • Our process is intricate, involving multiple circuits and layers of contact.
  • We adhere to a PDCA (Plan Do Check Adjust) framework, with your involvement being pivotal during the adjustment/revision stage, which takes place during our weekly status updates.
  • While we use Sales Navigator for initial contact, email communication gains significance in the later stages of the process.

We prioritize the process over the tools and tailor our approach to fit the customer's existing tool stack. However, we recognize the need for specific technology solutions to drive results.

  • LinkedIn with Sales Navigator license.

  • Client-specific domain email for our team with shared calendar integration.

  • CRM.

  • Communication channels (Slack, Teams, Telegram).


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