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From Live Events to Online Prospecting

How can you keep your business top of mind during a slow period? Maintaining connections with potential customers until they are ready to purchase is challenging.


Having accumulated years of experience in the IT industry, we were recently presented with an exhilarating new opportunity. A well-established company specializing in innovative, eco-friendly modular stands approached us for a personalized LinkedIn workshop. While they excelled at attracting customers at live events, they were unsure how to replicate this success online. It created a real challenge – how do you reach potential buyers of products designed for live events during a pandemic when such events are not happening?



At Nessie, we firmly believe that a crisis presents the perfect opportunity for growth. It is a time to concentrate on new solutions, expansion, and innovation. Our objective was to guide Ayble in mastering the art of successful fishing rather than simply providing them with a fish on a platter. We aimed to share our expertise and inspire them to harness their potential and creativity during challenging times to become more adaptable. We held four workshops focusing on different issues and processes to achieve this goal.


Our strategies for achieving our goals included:

  1. Engaging in four informative workshops on LinkedIn. 
  2. Completing inspiring and thought-provoking homework assignments. 
  3. Seeking guidance from our innovative team. 
  4. Receiving valuable supervision and feedback on our work. 
  5. Utilizing additional tools such as Sales Navigator, CRM, Kanbanchi, Teams, and Google Drive.

We demonstrated to Ayble how to smoothly transition from live events to online sales and acquire new customers in both sales channels.

We provided Ayble with technical training on managing communication and sales on LinkedIn. We equipped them with the knowledge and skills to handle these processes proficiently within their company. We helped them recognize the importance of connecting with potential leads on LinkedIn, emphasizing the value of maintaining these connections so that the company remains top-of-mind when the leads are ready to purchase.

  • Ayble has realized that selling at the right time is more important than selling here and now.
  • The purpose of marketing is to be close to potential customers to sell at the right time.
  • With this new perspective, the company is fully prepared to bring innovative ideas to life at trade shows and other events.
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