Lead Generation Implementation

Lead Generation Implementation

How to effectively use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation and prospecting in B2B? In intricate and lengthy sales processes involving multiple decision-makers, gaining new leads demands a unique approach. Our proprietary process precisely pinpoints the right prospects and adeptly reaches even the most specialized markets.



4500 €

Why it’s worth it?

  • Increase potential leads through advanced segmentation and targeting techniques.
  • Enhance the quality of your lead base with proven filtering and qualification methods.
  • Bring predictability and repeatability to your lead generation process.
  • Gain control and optimization ability through our monitoring and analysis systems.
  • Implement market segmentation tips to target your messages effectively.
  • Develop the ability to write compelling sales sequences and create a narrative that captures interest.


Get ready for an exciting journey through our comprehensive workshop series, designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed for successful sales campaigns.

Workshop series

Our workshop series will provide you with hands-on guidance and ample time for practical implementation, ensuring you gain valuable experience that will enhance your skills and knowledge.

Crucial metrics

Exploration of crucial metrics and KPIs pinpoints product or service line for your campaign. Utilize data-driven insights to identify the buying personas within your target market.
Lead Generation Implementation

Accelerate Your Growth

Immerse yourself in our exclusive 6-session workshop series, each session spanning 4 hours. Our meticulously designed program provides hands-on guidance and abundant opportunities for practical application. You will engage in collaborative activities that enrich your learning experience and foster skill development in real-world scenarios. Led by industry experts, our interactive sessions will equip you with strategies and techniques relevant to your professional context. This structured approach ensures that you acquire theoretical knowledge and hone practical skills essential for success. By the end of the workshops, you will gain confidence and competence in your respective fields.


Workshop: The Kick- off

The goal of the workshop is to understand how to divide the market that traders will target in such a way that it will be easy to choose leads with potential and bring them into the lead generation process.

Workshop 2

Discover essential skills for using Sales Navigator, Trello, and other task management tools and strategies for optimizing your LinkedIn account for professional success.

Workshop 3

Learn how to craft your initial communications and understand best practices for outreach. We will guide you through planning and setting up your campaign parameters.

Workshop 4

Dive into the operational aspects of lead management, focusing on sending invitations, messages, and follow-ups. You'll receive an introduction to lead categorization, with practical exercises.

Workshop 5

Learn how to prioritize data within your CRM for effective later analysis. We will cover the critical aspects of nurturing leads, which is essential for successful prospecting.

Workshop 6

Approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the workshop series, we will reconvene to address any additional questions and discuss challenges that may have arisen during your work.
Customer Testimonials

As effective as possible!

Corporate companies are large and have their advantages, but sometimes also challenges in speed and the use of new tools. This is exactly where Nessie has helped us wonderfully. Change of perspective and a lot of people call it lead generation. I call it support in networking with the right contacts – at eye level and decision-maker level.

Daniel Schuster
Weidmüller, Digital Transformation Officer - Sales

Nessie has been a great support in developing valuable business connections for Gofore Germany. They have proven to be a trustworthy partner with a commitment to swift feedback integration and the added advantage of a dedicated German account manager. Thanks to a seamless adaption to our communication channels, it has been made very easy for us to plan, execute and analyse several campaigns at the same time, while keeping up with our high standards in quality and ethics

Tatu Hautala
Gofore Germany GmbH, Managing Director

The Mastermind training, conducted by Nessie Research Lab, was groundbreaking for One2tribe. Thanks to it, we started a systematic cooperation. The specific sales and action planning tools presented are now a crucial part of my strategy, and the practical insights helped me understand and improve many aspects of my work. Whether you are a newcomer to the industry or a veteran with 20 years of experience like me, Nessie Research Lab will surprise you with its knowledge and skills. Their Mastermind training has provided me with new and revealing insights that enriched my experience and helped develop my sales strategies.

Wojciech Ozimek
One2tribe, CEO

During the implementation with Nessie, we established a functional lead management system for our internal lead generation process. I highly appreciate Nessie’s team support, communication, and knowledge. I recommend implementation with Nessie Research Lab!

Kacper Chodak
Head of Business Development, Persooa

Implementing Nessie’s process in our company was a Copernican revolution on how we think about sales. Nessie’s experts treated our company with professionalism and consideration. We felt that step by step, they were bringing us into an environment that was new to us with an understanding of both ours and the broader market’s specifics. I would recommend Nessie’s services to companies in any industry.

Adam Rogoziński
Managing Director, Tell Me Foreign Language School

We started working with Nessie in November, and within the first month of our partnership, we successfully secured our first client contract. Collaborating with Nessie Research Lab has significantly increased the number of leads we generate. I am pleased with the results and professionalism of their team. If you are still unsure whether to work with them, don’t waste time – do not hesitate to do it.

Anna Trojanowska
Plenti, Sales Manager

Justyna and Agata did an excellent job! They provided us with proven tools, practical tips, and clear steps to follow in the friendly and creative atmosphere of the mastermind group. Importantly, we also received a set of KPIs that will allow us to measure the effectiveness of our sales activities and make adjustments after the launch. Furthermore, the structure and Mastermind methodology were perfectly matched. We had the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences and receive real-time feedback. Challenging our company’s existing sales process and identifying areas for improvement was invaluable. Agata and Justyna’s experience, along with real-life examples from their company’s operations gave us a significant boost during the sales transformation within our company. By the way, we have already started our sales campaign and are eagerly awaiting the results. Girls – thank you so much!🙂

Dziewczyny – dziękujemy!

Dawid & Adam
Ivenium Marketing