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Powerful Sales Support for tech industry!

We know how to sell in the IT sector like no one else. We’re the most process-driven sales support within the tech industry. We outsource a dedicated process & sales team to each client, working on a reliable inflow of leads every day. 

We operate internationally, in high-value services, and with B2B products.

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How exactly does
our process make your sales grow?

Dedicated lead generation & lead marketing team

At Nessie, you work with a dedicated, cross-functional team that operates through a ready-made, repeatable process. As a result, you get to optimize your recruitment, management and competences upgrade costs.

Agile process backed up with thorough analysis

You can't have predictable sales without having full control of what's happening. At Nessie, we measure the exact conversion rate at every stage of the process. We outline the results on the dashboards of Microsoft PowerBI - it's the basis of our decisions.

Continuous work within the sales funnel

The key element of sales is heating up prospects and being constantly in touch with them. Our process creates a second circuit, in which we continuously reach out to your prospects until they become ready to make a purchase. You will be their first choice.

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What do we do?

We build
and implement processes reinforcing the most basic sales within the organisation.

The core of our solution lies in a creative, accurate, and multi-level outbound process, which we use both to generate leads and to rapidly verify new sales ideas.

It allows us to quickly and effectively connect with groups of precisely selected decision-makers in companies.

Simultaneously, we create a second circuit. All prospects that are within our reach at least once are successively heated up until they become our leads.

We manage the entire process manually. We say no-no to automation. We analyze the acquired data and draw conclusions based on numbers.

The sum of our experiences

We used to generate sales for a long time, now we want to help you sell!

Agata Maroń

Managing Partner

Justyna Gebert

Managing Partner
For the love of numbers

At Nessie we tend to analyze nearly everything as we believe that numbers can speak volumes.

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