Dedicated, experienced sales person for hire. Your effective Deal Closer.

Are you struggling to close sales effectively?

Deal Closer from Nessie is the assigned sales person who's the main line of sales support
- from the first call, up until making the offer.

We are aware that lead generation is only the first step. Many of Nessie’s customers struggle to sell successfully – from the first call, through requirements gathering, follow-ups, right until making offers and negotiations. This is where we come to the rescue and offer an effective, experienced and hardworking deal-closer for hire. Along with the support of the Nessie machine, this salesman is able to complete every business’ closing phase of a deal!

Get to know our work system

How Deal Closer works
to bring you success

1. Assigned to your company

You work on a permanent basis with one person who knows you and represents you during calls with leads - either alone or as business support. Our deal closer is also responsible for pushing your deals forward, prospecting and getting them to the point of offer as quickly as possible.

2. Tools and process included

Nessie's effectiveness is largely based on our unique process and very good knowledge of supporting tools, such as CRM and Sales Navigator. Our client, working with a deal closer, has access to these processes and tools, and can use them in joint sales activities.

3. Nessie has your back

A deal closer dedicated to working with a client is never left alone. They regularly meet with their mentor to improve skills, monitor the effects and work on conversion rates. This way, the client does not have to manage the deal closer's development and organise their work. We take care of it.

4. Transfer of knowledge

Deal closers work with the Nessie team at all times, before and during the partnership. As a result, they not only have the most up-to-date know-how, but are also able to transfer this knowledge to the client's organisation - so that best sales practices can be implemented.
What do you get

Deal closer is fast, process-oriented sales support, from the first call, through the offer, up until closing the deal.

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